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3 Tips for Trade Show Display Booth Design

3 Tips for Trade Show Display Booth Design

The trade show floor is a ferocious place. Surrounded by competition, you fight for the attention of well-qualified prospects in a sea of potential clients. These expos can shift the dynamics within an industry, helping you gain significant market share with the right Trade Show Display Booth Design. Here is a chance to really make your mark.

Trade shows give you the opportunity identify and impact industry dynamics, as you determine your place in the market. Achieve these insights by observing customers interacting and reacting to marketing strategies used by each competitor on the trade show floor. Ultimately, the goal being to improve your existing client base and achieve a greater market share. There is admittedly some additional satisfaction on the trade show floor as your competitors witness your success.

3 Tips for Trade Show Display Booth Design

Outstanding Trade Show Display Booth Design is the foundation for success on the trade show floor. Here are 3 important tips to make the most of your next venue.

1.     Trade Show Floor Placement

To find the best trade show floor placement location, check the main entrance and a typical line of sight and traffic flow from there. Before you consider Trade Show Display Booth Design, think about where your booth will be as compared to your competitors. For example, the lighting, color schemes and height of displays determine booth visibility.

If your location is easy to spot, then you can focus more on your services and less on eye-catching designs. Use your floor location to your advantage.

2.     Interactivity

Trade show visitors love hands-on activities. While maintaining current health and safety guidelines, allow attendees to see demos, play games, and otherwise interact with your booth props. All the interactivity need not be digital, either. Just keep potential clients engaged with your product, services, and staff. Interactive touch screens make it more likely that potential customers will recall your brand.

3.     Welcoming Booth Display Designs

Accessible booth designs make for a more welcoming feel. Wider entrances and more personal space are recent trends to help visitors feel more comfortable at in-person displays. Comfortable furniture and well-branded color schemes make attendees feel more at home with your offerings. Easy contact with staff for explanations and conversations make for a more memorable booth visit, too. Move beyond just making a sale by encouraging and welcoming visitors with your booth display design.  

These 3 tips create a foundation for how successful trade shows are. Create an engaging, welcoming, and noticeable booth to generate the leads you need to move ahead in the market.

Local Exhibits manufactures superb quality, custom designed trade show booths. We work with major corporations and solopreneurs to implement marketing strategies through trade show display booth designs to bring in those potential clients.

Services include trade show display booth design, construction, installation and dismantling, event management and more. Call today for more details about the services at Local Exhibits or for a quote on your next trade show event.

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