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Expert Tips for San Francisco Trade Show Booth Rentals

Expert Tips for San Francisco Trade Show Booth Rentals

San Francisco is an exquisite location for lavish trade shows. Each year, numerous events have brands lining up to attend, so it is a difficult task to stand out from your competition. Face-to-face marketing is still the most convincing way to generate leads or make sales. So, with a trade show booth rental, you meet hundreds of prospects with the opportunity to convert them into customers.

Trade show booth rentals from Local Exhibits in San Francisco are an excellent choice to help you get on the floor with your wares.

Here’s a look at some expert tips to keep your ROI high and your stress low.

Make a To-Do List

Planning is key to any successful trade show event. Industry standards suggest you should start planning next years event the moment this year’s is over. Six to eight months is probably enough time, but don’t rush the planning! Make a comprehensive to-do list for everyone involved in the planning, implementation, and follow-up.

Consider the décor, graphics, display, vendors, location, and staffing. Decide on the goal for the event well in advance, too. Is this a brand awareness campaign? A product launch? Or are you generating leads for a specific product line?

Once you prepare your to-do list, take charge and set timelines.

Work with the Event Organizer

Choose the event you want and get in touch with the event organizer. Ask about previous vendors and identify your target audience in San Francisco.

Customized Modern Trade Show Booth Rental Designs

Ultra-modern, customized trade show booth rental designs by Local Exhibits are attractive, inviting, and interesting. Booth content should be clear, crisp, catchy, and short. Hashtags invite attendees to engage over social media, too.

As an attendee walks past your booth, they get the gist of your brand if your content is straightforward. Often in display – less is more!

Well Trained Staff

Outgoing, knowledgeable employees are best to staff your booth. No matter how good they are at their regular job, be sure to train them before working at the booth. It’s vital that they be attentive and motivated to engage the visitors and critical that they understand the event’s purpose.


To make an impression on a floor full of your competition, invite attendees in with a comfortable ambience. Let them relax before they continue with the ongoing journey through the venue. Consider renting comfortable chairs instead of typical plastic or metal chairs so common at trade shows.

Companies create a lounge in many customized trade show booth rentals in San Francisco and across the country. Visitors relax on bean bag chairs or massage chairs with refreshing drinks and light snacks.

Promotion Before the Event

The venue will usually do some general advertising and promotion before the event. But your customers and prospects may or may not hear about it. This is an ideal time to reach out to your prospects and customers to share the news. For about a month before, connect with regular clients to offer personal invitations. Consider an email blast to your prospects or regular email list to make sure everyone knows about the trade show.

Follow-Up Afterwards

It should go without saying that following up without delay after the trade show is a MUST! Do not procrastinate! So many leads go cold while sales teams sit around to “recover” after the show.

In Summary

Planning a trade show event takes time, money, and expertise. Local Exhibits is here, in San Francisco and across the nation, to help you make your next show a success. We can help with your custom trade show rental booth, set up, take down, and so many other details to reduce your stress! Call today to see how we can help.

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