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How Social Media Can Amplify Your Trade Show Marketing Plan

The meaning of social media has changed a lot over the time. Initially social media was limited to personal use but now it has been extended to the business realm. Social media is an essential part of any business marketing strategy whether it is about selling an ebook or about integrating it with a trade show marketing plan.

Most of the trade show exhibitors are well aware of the power that a face to face marketing possess but it’s a high time to adapt and integrate new social media marketing tactics with your trade show marketing plan in order to make long relationships with existing customers, cultivate new leads, increase brand awareness, impact bottom-line through an increase in sales figures and taking your business to new heights, especially if you partner with experienced  trade show booth designers like us then it will be as flat as a pancake for you.

We have divided this article into three stages i.e. pre-event, at the event and post-event follow up so that you can understand how, when and where to use social media at every stage respectively. Let’s start with the pre-event stage.

Use of social media at the pre-event stage of trade show exhibit

As the saying goes “By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.” Updating your audience about an upcoming event or the show is the best way of drawing the attention of so many eyeballs. You can publish posts on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc. Don’t forget to use your unique hashtag as more people will be able to see your post and that’s what you need. These posts will help your followers in knowing which part of the world you are going to be on any particular day. You can use concepts like teasers and trailers to make the audience excited about the launch of your new product or service. You can also share pictures of the famous personality which is going to be there at your trade show. Don’t neglect the fact of  adding a link with your posts so that anyone and everyone can easily register to attend your event and support you on the ground.

Like, trade show displays are very important in showcasing your product or services, similarly promotional campaigns on social media platforms send out a message which can bring a lot of traffic on the event day. In a nutshell, publishing regular updates on the social media handles, using hashtags properly and providing mini-teasers can be rewarding. You can also consider email marketing if needed and make sure to start everything at least two weeks before the event.

Use of social media during the trade show event

Use of social media during the event is usually neglected but that’s a very big mistake. You must go live either on Facebook or Instagram or even on YouTube on the event day as it helps in driving large crowds to your trade show booths. During the live stream you can perform a live product trial or ask someone to share their experience at your trade show and you can broadcast it on the live stream. You can also record your host or the speaker and publish it on your social media handles. We also recommend publishing the images and videos of what’s happening at your booth on the trade show which can include pictures and videos of your trade show banners, logos, visitors, products, hosts/speakers, environment etc.

Use of social media post-trade show

Your idea of integrating social media with your trade show marketing plan is not yet over. Now, it’s a high time to follow up with your leads immediately. You can use social media platforms like LinkedIn or traditional follow up methods like emails and calls can also be very helpful at this stage. Publishing press releases and blogs about the events on your website and sharing their link of the same on social media platforms is also a good idea. All in all, social media strategies are very helpful and definitely amplifies your trade show marketing plan. At the same time it is important to take a unique approach to stand out of the crowd. So that’s how you can use social media to enhance your trade show marketing plan.