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How to Compete with Big Companies at a Trade Show

How to Compete with Big Companies at a Trade Show

There are some pretty big companies at a trade show. They know how crucial in-person contact is to develop and maintain their brand. So, they have large budgets for their booth designers to ensure they make a big impact on attendees. But you can compete as a small or medium-sized business. You can even compete as a start-up. Here are some tips to make sure you compete with the big companies at your next trade show event.

Bigger is Not Always Better for a Trade Show Exhibit

There are some massive booths on every trade show floor. Some industries tend toward larger trade show booths, but every event has a variety of sizes. Fortunately, the size of your booth is not key to drawing in prospects. While a 30 X 30 booth may look impressive (and be your goal someday!), you can start with a respectable 10 X 10 booth, as long as it is well-designed and not overstaffed.

Make sure you spend time with an expert trade show booth designer from Local Exhibits to ensure your exhibit packs a punch on the venue floor. Describe your targeted audience and your branding standards to the trade show booth designer. They will use that information to custom design a space tailored to get your message across and compete with the big companies.

Develop a Foundation of Reusable Trade Show Booth Designs

Your booth doesn’t have to be completely new for every event. Make sure you update your trade show booth designs to align with your marketing strategies as they shift, but don’t make changes for change’s sake. It is often best that your target audience recognizes you at the show, so they know they want to come to visit with you. Keep your focus should on developing a foundation of reusable trade show booth designs that you can use at multiple events and exhibitions.

Local Exhibits’ expert trade show booth designers can give you professional advice about which elements are best to change and what can remain the same. Sometimes a small change can lend an overall fresh look to your whole exhibit space.

Your Prospects will Notice the Quality

Trade show booth design is something only a few professionals know how to do. Still, pretty much anyone can recognize a bad design when they see it. Make sure you listen to the expert advice of the professional trade show booth designers here at Local Exhibits. It doesn’t take much to turn away potential prospects, especially when competing with big companies. Carefully choose the fabric, colors, graphics, and floor plan to align with your other marketing strategies.

Get On-Site Support at the Trade Show Event

Your entire team will be busy engaging with potential customers at your booth during the event. So, make sure they are not distracted by the need to also monitor the exhibit’s construction. The experienced booth builders and set-up/take-down crews at Local Exhibits oversee your booth, attending to any issues as they arise. A properly built and installed trade show booth seldom has problems. But if it does, it can throw off your entire team and completely undermine your results.

In Summary

Competing with big companies at a trade show sounds like it should be difficult. Still, with a well-designed booth (even a small one), you are well on your way to making a positive impact on the floor.

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