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How To Launch a Product at a Trade Show

How To Launch a Product at a Trade Show

It’s time. Your product is ready to launch. You’ve taken months or even years to get to this point, but it’s finally time. Now the planning starts all over as you create a strategy to launch your new product at the upcoming trade show. Then again, if your product isn’t quite ready, you may want to develop a pre-launch strategy for the next event, too.

You’ll face fierce competition from other businesses in the same industry on the venue floor. But now is the time to make a splash with this new product by capturing the attendance of your target audience. So, the experts here at Local Exhibits have some advice for how to make your product launch stand out from the crowd.

Staff Your Trade Show Booth Right

Often, companies attending a trade show will simply shove available staff members into the booth for the duration. Don’t be tempted to take the easy way out on this one. Engagement by your personnel with your potential clients is the foundation for success at the event. If you have people in your booth who are bored, uninterested, and tired, that’s how attendees will feel about your product, too. Here are a few staffing tips:

  • Enthusiasm – Make sure every team member in your booth exudes enthusiasm for your product and for being able to attend the event.
  • Training – Ensure everyone is trained on the goal of the trade show and the details of your new product. Any uncertainty will also transfer to your prospects.
  • Courage – Each team member in a trade show booth must be able to strike up a conversation with strangers. And then convert them into customers.

In the past, trade show staff sat at their booth, talking only to prospects who approached them. But today, going out into the aisles to draw prospects in creates a bigger buzz.

Product Launch Giveaways

Giveaways are a standard item at almost every booth at any trade show. Visitors leave the show with their arms full of what ends up mostly being trash. Old-school t-shirts, pens, and mugs are often ideal for well-established brands, especially in the B2C market. But they don’t really stand out when you want to attract high authority decision-makers.

Tap into the expertise here at Local Exhibits. Our in-house trade show booth designers will help you develop a custom strategy for your next giveaway. It may be necessary to drop a bit more into the giveaway budget than if you just got mints and pens with your logo on them. Attendees who make higher budget decisions need more incentive. It’s worth your time to plan the right giveaways to make a splash on the trade show floor.

In Conclusion

Launching a product at a trade show can be complex and even overwhelming. But you’ve already done the hardest work by getting your product ready for launch. Tap into the expertise of the professionals at Local Exhibits to get even more ideas for how to launch your next product at a trade show. Call today!

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