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Interactive Games Create Engaging Trade Show Booths

Trade Shows Booths

Trade Shows Booths are an incredibly effective marketing tool. Participating in industry specific or general trade show events can showcase new products, create brand awareness, and build your customer base. Critical to the success of any trade shows is how you engage the attendees at your booth.

Many strategies will entice visitors, but the more innovative and creative you can be, the more likely you are to stand out from the competition.

Promote Your Brand with Interactive Games in Your Trade Shows Booths

A clearly defined brand builds consumer recognition. A well-recognized brand conveys value and helps customers understand your company’s mission. This is the basis of the relationship between a loyal consumer and a favorite brand.

Recently, interactive games have been used at trade show booths as a strategy to build brand recognition and loyalty. As visitors walk in the aisles of a trade show, something needs to attract them toward your display. A series of digital screens work as a dynamic attention-getter. When visitors approach the screens, your logo and the rest of your message display your brand. Then, potential customers engage directly with the devices.

When your goal at the trade shows is to capture new leads, you can use the devices to offer prizes, motivating users to answer some questions. This becomes the foundation of your customer database.

Interactive Polls, Word Clouds, Trivia Questions

Additional options for interactive displays are live polls, word clouds or trivia questions. Display the results in real time on a monitor at your booth. Visitors enjoy the competition and seeing results compared to other players.

Capture email addresses using this setup, and even send out messages directly from the booth while the trade show goes on. Send batches of emails and then follow up later.

Keep track of how many leads are generated with each interactive game and what days and times were busiest. This data is helpful for future decision-making.

Virtual Prize Wheels

A virtual prize wheel always stands out on a trade show floor. Attendees see available prizes from across the room and become curious. The prize wheel often contains questions used to capture leads. Have visitors sign up for a newsletter or set up a follow-up meeting. Some prize wheels let everyone that spins win something. This activity generates buzz on the trade show floor.

Virtual prize wheels are different from their traditional counterparts. Managing prize inventory is much easier with the virtual wheel. You can change prizes easily at any time. Visitors can “spin” the wheel using their devices, like tablets or smartphones. That way, more people can engage with the game.

Virtual prize wheels also highlight grand prizes effectively with different text, colors, and photos to make it really stand out. The chance to win that grand prize is what captures the attention of your potential customers. Customize every element of a digital prize wheel to match your brand and promote your products at the trade show.


Engaging with potential customers at a trade show takes creativity and imagination. The experts at Local Exhibits know how to design the right interactive games to entice your customers into your next trade show booth.

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