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Prizes to Give Away with Interactive Games at Trade Show Booths

Prizes are sometimes almost an afterthought with all the rest of the planning necessary for trade show booths. You need the booth designed and branded, moved, set up and staffed… then suddenly you remember you need prizes, too! But the right prizes are critical to customer engagement and to the overall success of the interactive games. By developing a strategy around your prizes, you can maximize your brand’s impact.

The Grand Prize at a Trade Show Booth

The first consideration is the grand prize you will give away at your trade show booth. Although most players won’t win the grand prize, it is the chance that makes most people willing to play. Capture some valuable information for your customer database along the way, enticing the visitors with the idea of winning a grand prize.

But what should your grand prize be? A brand-new car? A Caribbean cruise? A room full of new furniture? Probably not, unless you run a car dealership, a cruise company, or an interior design studio. And maybe not even then. You’ll need to do some accounting to determine what you can invest in a grand prize. Remember, this will be a major component of the draw you have for booth visitors, so choose carefully.

Game Prize Levels

After the grand prize, usually, three levels of prizes work best.

Low Level

The lowest, most inexpensive prizes should be about half of what you give away.  Consider gift cards, pens, mugs, key rings, magnets, notepads, hand sanitizer, stress balls, lip balm, mouse pads, or anything else you can purchase at a reasonable cost. Make sure they are branded with your logo.

Middle Level Prizes

The middle level of prizes is likely to be 30 to 40% of your giveaways. These should be quality items that customers and potential customers feel good about. Consider branded t-shirts, sweatshirts, water bottles, reusable shopping bags, phone holders, hats, USB drives, ice scrapers, and other branded, practical items.

Highest Level Prizes for Trade Show Booths

The highest level is only 5 to 10% of prizes. Capture attention, but don’t give away too many. These are more likely to be valuable items from your own inventory, cell phone power banks, branded blue light glasses, cooler lunch bags, polyester face masks, and other more costly items. Again, be sure to brand these items so your brand gets displayed everywhere the items go.

Manage Traffic Flow

The expert trade show booth designers at Local Exhibits will create a branded booth that manages your traffic flow to maximize results. Although interactive games are engaging, done wrong, they can create a traffic jam in your booth that sends prospective customers away. Make sure you get professional guidance to manage the traffic flow for the greatest impact for your next trade show. Interactive games are a great way to engage customers and quickly build a lead database.

Contact Us at Local Exhibits for more information about how to use Interactive Games in your trade show booth at your next event.

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