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Rent a Trade Show Booth for Maximum ROI

Rent a Trade Show Booth for Maximum ROI

You may have heard the rumor that a trade show booth is expensive, and it is hard to get any real ROI from the investment of attending a show. And although it does require some up-front investment, thousands of companies of all sizes find it profitable to attend! There’s no way there would be as many events across the country and around the world if it didn’t support other marketing efforts profitably.

But there are ways to increase your ROI when you rent a trade show booth from Local Exhibits. Our expert designers and support staff work with you to make your event as profitable as possible. Here are some tips from our professional team.

Rent a Booth with Custom Branding

Just because you rent a trade show booth doesn’t mean it needs to look like a rental! Sure, it’s easy to spot a rental car, but a rental trade show booth looks just like all the others (and sometimes better!) Our expert designers will work with your brand standards to align every detail of your rental with the rest of your marketing. Sometimes, companies buy a booth and update their general marketing without updating their booth! (Don’t do that!)

The way to stand out and compete with larger companies is to carefully plan your trade show booth design. Fortunately, we have expert designers who know many ways to get the most impact with your audience, even on a lower budget.

Let the Experts Transport, Set-up and Take-down Your Exhibit

It may seem counterintuitive to pay for a service that it seems like you could do yourself, but in this case, it will most certainly save you money.

  • Keep your staff focused on their own jobs as much as possible. They add planning the event to their daily responsibilities because they are uniquely qualified for that. But the logistics, setting-up and taking-down of your trade show booth is quicker and more professionally done by people who do it every day.
  • Transport costs can easily get out of hand if left to someone not experienced with the trade show industry. Every venue has a specific set of regulations for how cartage works on their property. Don’t risk breaking the rules or ending up without what you need in your booth when the show starts.
  • When you rent a trade show booth, it returns to us for storage after the show. We dismantle the booth to exact specifications so it is ready to use next time. Our professionals know exactly how to do this! There are many industry stories about how take-down got messed up, and the booth or nearby items got damaged. Don’t take the risk!

Work closely with the trade show booth designers here at Local Exhibits to explore your options. They will help you plan your exhibit to align with your marketing objectives. And when you rent a trade show booth, you can be assured they will help you maximize your ROI, too. Contact us today for more information about trade show booth rental.

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