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Trade Show Booth Rental Design Trends

Trade Show Booth Rental Design Trends

Boring trade show booths don’t attract visitor attention. And with the floor full of incredible modern exhibits, yours could fade into the background without key trade show booth rental design elements in place. Trends shift and evolve every year, with every exhibit company trying to outdo the next. If your booth is tired or irrelevant, here are some ideas to liven things up.

Trade Show Booth Design Trends

Your product may be the “better mousetrap,” but it will not sell itself. A bland tablecloth and a dull product display will not suffice. You are competing for the attention of visitors with every other booth on the floor. Even those booths outside your industry compete with you for attention from attendees right now!

So, no matter how much better a product you launch, the trade show booth design brings people in. These trends aren’t going anywhere, so it’s time to get creative and find ways to compete on that trade show floor.

Key Elements of Trade Show Booth Design

Several key elements attract visitors and help increase ROI.

  • Colorful, bright, clean graphics
  • Handy promotional materials
  • Clear logos and branding
  • Various illumination to play with brighter spots and shadow effects
  • Interactive technology

Additional trendy elements make visitors take notice.

Optical Illusions

Use optical illusions, so attendees take a second look. Visitors wonder what they see, and their curiosity draws them into your booth. Then, add prizes and giveaways, and you’ll have a winner on your hands.

Create an Oasis Trade Show Booth Design

Create an oasis to rest and get away from the hustle of the trade show. And you’ll have visitors who will stick around long enough to learn about what you do. Add natural elements like waterfalls (the sounds if not the real thing), plants, and some forest or beach backdrops for the best of Zen. Build an underwater illusion for a dream-like experience that everyone enjoys. A relaxing atmosphere makes people more likely to stay long enough to buy.

Custom Flooring

If your booth has lots of floor space, check out custom-printed flooring options. Add the floor to make a cohesive branding experience in carpet, laminate, or vinyl. You’ll be amazed by how perfectly you can get images imprinted on the floor! Interactive flooring is trendy right now in trade show booth designs. Like those old piano mats, but there are many more choices. Visitors step to create sounds, color changes, or different design elements with every step.

Responsive Lighting

Add sound-responsive, interactive lighting choreographed to your music. Invigorate all the senses to make an indelible impression in your trade show booth design.

Look Up!

People don’t naturally look up, so you’ll need to do something creative to draw their eyes toward the ceiling. Consider lighting or other movements to accent the upper parts of your trade show booth rental for even more attention.

In Conclusion

In summary, Trade Show Booth Rental Design trends are to think outside the box. A trade show booth is no longer a table, a tablecloth, a backdrop, and a product display. To get the attention of attendees, you now have to work with your exhibit company to create an experience. Because customer experience is what marketing is all about! Call Local Exhibits today to talk to our experts, so your next event exceeds all expectations!

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