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Trade Show Booth Rental Strategies

The marketing department spends time developing every aspect of a brand but often forgets to align with the trade show booth rental strategies. Expert trade show booth designers here at Local Exhibits can focus your trade show display ideas with your overall marketing and branding strategies.

Here are a few ways to align your marketing, branding and trade show booth rental strategies.

1.     Identify Product Categories to Promote

The first step is to identify the product categories you would like to promote at the trade show. That way, you can focus your trade show display ideas on showcasing these products. Remember, your trade show booth rental will be completely customized for your company’s brand. Focus on products at the beginning of their sales life cycle, so you can boost sales and make the most of the time at the venue.

2.     Identify Target Audience Prospects at the Trade Show

Once you decide what you want to sell, the question is, “Who will buy it?” Make sure these people are likely to be represented at the trade show or go back to #1 and choose a different product offering. Consider the demographics and other aspects that make these your best prospects. This helps your marketing team and the trade show booth designers here at Local Exhibits visualize the best approach in your customized trade show booth rental.

3.     Research Costs of Trade Show Booth Rentals

 Take some time to research the costs associated with trade show booth rentals. Companies that frequently participate in trade shows often prefer to purchase their booth. Purchasing a booth gives you more flexibility for trade show display ideas. Work out a budget and map the outlay for each event you plan to attend. Compare this against the expected value from your participation.

4.     Prepare Your Annual Trade Show Calendar

Create a calendar of all the events you plan to attend well into the future. As you participate in more trade shows, you’ll find the planning comes more naturally, but there is always a lot to do. Use your favorite collaboration software to assign teams to work together to meet deadlines. Be sure to engage with the sales department and gather their insights and feedback. Customize your trade show booth rental across events in different parts of the country or for industry-specific venues, but keep your branding and offers consistent. Register well in advance.

5.     Develop a Script and Staff Your Booth

You can brainstorm incredible trade show display ideas and work with the best trade show booth designers. But if your staff in the booth drops the ball when communicating with your current or potential customers, all is lost. Make sure you have a professionally written outline for a script for your staff to follow. Each person needs specific instruction about the current offers and how they differ from what your typical messaging includes. Don’t leave your staff floundering, wondering what to say or making offers that don’t align with your current sales and marketing plan.

In Conclusion

Consider your trade show booth rental and trade show display ideas using the best trade show booth designers here at Local Exhibits. Target a product, a specific audience, prepare your calendar, and develop a script. These strategies will help bring you success at your next event. Call us today at Local Exhibits to start planning your next event.

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