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Trade Show Booth Rentals Help Small Business

Trade Show Booth Rentals Help Small Business

A customized trade show booth design allows you to take advantage of the opportunities to grow your business at an industry event. But you don’t need to purchase a booth to get noticed. Trade show booth rentals may offer advantages for your company’s marketing efforts and bottom line.

Here are some benefits of trade show booth rental displays to compare renting to buying.

The Benefits of Trade Show Booth Rentals

Trade Show Booth Rentals Are Flexible

A trade show booth rental is more flexible than many companies realize. You can remove, change, add, and adjust branding elements of the trade show booth design to suit your company – all without the initial outlay of a purchase. Many companies new to the trade show circuit use a trade show booth rental to try new marketing concepts and evaluate results before deciding to buy a display unit.

Our expert designers at Local Exhibits offer custom, modular, portable trade show booth rentals to grab attention and help you conserve your marketing resources.


When your company owns a display, you need to arrange for storage, repairs, updating branding, refurbishment, and ultimately disposal costs. However, the exhibit company picks up a trade show booth rental at the end of the show.

Trade Show Booth Rentals are Cost-Effective

A trade show booth rental gets measurable marketing results with no capital outlay. Usually, part of the ongoing marketing budget, they are good for the bottom line, staying within budget without sacrificing brand awareness.

Help, Guidance, and Ease of Use

Working with Local Exhibits as your exhibit company means that you receive guidance at every step along the way, from visualizing your brand concept to designing the booth. We help you with every aspect of your booth rental to ensure your event’s success.

Why Rent an Exhibit Instead of Owning One?

 Once you purchase an exhibit, there is a tendency to reuse it without altering it, even as market trends, event locations, and demographics change. Why rent instead of own? Here are a few ideas.

  • If you attend shows in several locations – no need to buy or ship multiple displays
  • Try out a new marketing idea  
  • Categorize as a marketing expense, not capital investment  
  • No storage

As a new exhibitor or to rebuild your marketing strategy, a trade show booth rental helps deliver a custom, memorable brand experience.

Consider these issues to maximize your investment.

How Many Trade Shows Are Scheduled Next Year?

When there are only a few shows, if you have a new product launch, or when your industry show dates overlap, trade show booth rentals are an ideal choice.  

Do You Already Have Exhibit Materials?

If you have an old exhibit or some structural components, you are on your way. But consider the branding changes and evaluate the marketing objectives. If your booth is old or needs a lot of updates, a rental might be the fresh start you need.


Trade show booth rental styles have changed a lot over the years. Now you can choose a customized, branded look – making it impossible to distinguish from a purchased booth. Local Exhibits takes on the logistics and stress to ensure you stand out on the trade show floor.

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