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How to Brand Your Fair Booth Design

How to Brand Your Fair Booth Design

You likely have the basics covered. Use the same colors as you do on your other marketing campaigns. Add your logo. Prominently display your product. Banners. LED screens. A team of well-trained ambassadors. Great start. But here are some additional tips to really take your branding up a notch on your fair booth design.

What is Your USP?

Your USP, or Unique Selling Proposition, is what makes you different from your competitors. While this is always important, it becomes critical when you are at an industry-specific trade show with your competition.

So, in your fair booth design, your branding must demonstrate your USP. What are your key brand differentiators?

Sell Solutions, Not Products

All your potential clients want one of three things. Yes, only three.

  1. Time
  2. Cost
  3. Quality

So, frame your trade show exhibit to explain to your potential clients how they can spend less time, save money and/or get better quality.

Address their concerns in these three areas without long explanations about the specifics of your products. Offer solutions to business challenges with innovative solutions in your fair booth design.

Use Branding to Convince and Persuade

Remember the goal for your participation in the show. If you are there to generate leads, use your fair booth design branding display to convince attendees that you can solve their problems. Then persuade them to give you their contact information, so you can meet later to talk about the details.

Seldom is a major final decision right at the event. Be ready, of course, in case it happens! Bring the right paperwork just in case someone decides to sign on the dotted line.

Trade shows are specifically a selling opportunity. Attendees come expecting to be sold. Every visitor to your trade show booth wants insight into your brand offerings. Your custom booth design supports your brand, making it easier to convince and persuade visitors. Convert those visitors into sales!

Find the Right Exhibition Booth Builder for Custom Fair Booth Design

Once you know your USP and have a solid branding campaign, partner with an exhibition booth builder, like Local Exhibits. Our expert design team will work closely with your marketing department to align your fair booth design with your current campaigns.

Plus, we offer concierge support, logistics, and transportation services to reduce the stress on your team and ensure flawless execution. Local Exhibits works with you to plan every element of your trade show event, to streamline every step.

We manage the entire supply chain for you, from warehouse to the event opening. As a professional booth builder, we work throughout the country. Every venue is different, and we know the ins and outs of each one. We’ll help you take advantage of free storage options, early setup, and we’ll manage the clean-up afterward, too.

In Summary

Local Exhibits manages custom booth design as a national exhibition booth builder. We work with you to help your trade show exhibition experience take less time and have a high return on investment. Your fair booth design is always of the highest quality from Local Exhibits, too! Reach out today to discuss your next venue. We’re happy to help.

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