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Trade Show Unique Booth Design Tips

Trade Show Unique Booth Design Tips

Exhibiting in a trade show creates an immensely positive impact on your target audience to generate a high volume of leads in just a few days. Thousands of visitors fill your sales funnel with new prospects, but only if they notice your trade show booth. But what makes them notice you among the rest of the competitors on the event floor? Here are some unique booth design tips to make sure your target audience is drawn into your next trade show booth.

Custom Booth Design Aligned with Branding 

Your organization works hard to portray a distinct, unique brand presence to your target audience. It is critical to remain true to this branding strategy when picking a custom booth design. Use the same colors, style, textures, and messaging to make certain your company image stays consistent, and there is no confusion in the visitors’ minds.

The colors in your trade show booth create a foundation for brand recall. If they see different colors than what you usually use, they won’t make a connection that this trade show booth is yours. Literally, the wrong color can be critical to the success of the event.

If you participate in the same trade shows every year, your booth comes under the scrutiny of the same attendees every year, too. So, be sure to opt for a fresh design upgrade every year. Focus on the changes in the organization, products, and branding in the past year for more trust and engagement. But don’t change the colors!

Custom Booth Designs and Layouts

When you work with Local Exhibits, we help you determine which zones are best to support your efforts in your booth. We can create layouts that give you room for casual lead-gen conversations, sit-down meetings, and group or one-to-one product demonstrations with custom booth designs.

With limited space available in your trade show booth, we work with you to get the balance right between having the right kind of furniture and not cluttering up the space. Furniture in strategic positions ensures visitor comfort and increases the likelihood of positive conversations leading to conversions. For example, a table and chairs for product demos is different from the meeting area set up. At Local Exhibits, we know which furniture works best for each purpose.

Modern custom booth designs also include specific lighting that helps designate areas of the booth. That way, visitors easily recognize each area’s purpose in the trade show booth.

Ask your custom trade show booth designer at Local Exhibits. They can factor in the points you consider important in your initial briefing.

In Summary

Creating a fresh, custom unique booth design for the events you participate in every year poses challenges. These tips can help you prepare a trade show booth for your next event. And differentiate your booth from your competition on the event floor. Call Local Exhibits today for an initial consultation about a custom trade show booth design for your next event.

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